Clothes Speak!

IMAGE is defined as a mental conception of a person or organization.

What do your clothes and how you dress say about you?

Your look can say you are confident, sloppy, lazy, unfocused, sophiscated, superior, polished, detail oriented, and so much more.  Your cloths and your “look” speak volumes to others.

“Image” is the way other people see us. It influences whether or not, people will agree to our requests, hire us and even pay us the salary we desire.  A good image consultant will enhance your appearance and polish your professional presence. Your image is more than your appearance.  So much of what you do and say contributes to the impression you make.  The proper image can help you make a unique impression in many areas of your life.

An image upgrade in all areas of your life; visual appearance, verbal and nonverbal communication is necessary especially if you are making major changes in your life like changing jobs, getting married, or seeking a major promotion to a corner office with a window!

As a Personal Image Consultant, my mission is to empower you to discover and achieve “a look” or “brand you” that brings joy and self-confidence.  A look that makes you say; “I know who I am!