How to Tie an Ascot Knot

Ascots invoke images of old Hollywood and a royal day at the races. This hybrid of a tie and scarf is a rare sight these days, one that will surely bring attention to the man who dares to wear it. It makes the wearer look fashion forward with a retro classic look.

1. Pull the ascot around the back of the neck as you would a tie. Let the left end hang a little more than two inches longer than the right.
2. Wrap the left end one and a half times over the right. Continue around, as if you were going to complete a second turn, and push the left end up, through the neck loop, so that it emerges over the top.
3. Center the top flap so that it is the only visible portion of the ascot. Spread the sides slightly, creating a “waterfall” of fabric from the base of your neck. Shallow creases should be visible.
4. Undo the top button of your shirt. Tuck the ends of the ascot into the mouth of your shirt and center it.
5. Secure the ends of the ascot with a stickpin or tie tack if desired.