Looking Sharp This Festive Season…

With the holidays abuzz, Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza parties, formal corporate dinners, fundraisers and more……., here is how to look sharp and stand out from the crowd.  The norm for men is to rent a tux for the occasion.  However, I have found, investing in a good fitting tux is the optimal choice. The reasons most men do not purchase a tux are; they think they do not look good in one, it is expensive, or they would never wear it again. The fact is; owning one would eventually be less expensive considering you might be renting over and over.  If you are young and in your twenties, imagine all your  soon to be betrothed buddies who will be getting married and all those formal events at your work place.  Also, as men grow older they tend to settle into certain size and rarely fluctuate significantly from that size hence investing in a good tux would last them for a while.

If you think you just don’t look good in a tux, chances are, you are not wearing a properly fitted one.  Most clerks at rental places are not well trained to get your proper measurements. You end up with a billowy, shiny, droopy, sack-like polyester outfit that is ill-fitting, with shiny worn out polythene shoes, wrinkled over-washed shirt, and a cummerbund you do not even need.  Each rental costs $200.00-250.00 despite looking like you are wearing a hand-down cater/waiter’s uniform.  Rent a couple times a year and in two to three years you will have out spent the cost of investing in a good tux.

Instead, invest in black high end Tux like Hugo Boss or Armani with peak-lapel that does exactly what it supposed to do; “Make you look your best!”  Think of James Bond!  If you are in great shape, get a slim (not skinny) and fitted jacket accentuating your shoulders to show off your physique.  If you are portly avoid slim fit tuxes, opt for a regular size tux and have your tailor custom fit it for your body structure.  Also, invest in a few men’s ab shirts (body shaper – see photos on right side of blog) to streamline your mid section – it will make you look better in any suit or tux.  For a modern look, skip the cummerbund, pleated or winged shirts!  The black-tie events are an opportunity to show off – all the more a reason to wear a tux that makes you look good, standout and feel confident.

Here are a few of Mr. Gee’s Fashion Tips regarding purchasing a Tux:

  1. Wear  a white semi-spread designer collar like legendary James Bond
  2. Wear a black bow tie. Avoid colored and patterned ones
  3. Show off the cuff of about a quarter inch and wear classic cufflinks.  Because this is a formal affair, keep away from bling.
  4. Wear black polished handmade leather designer shoes, like Jo Ghost.
  5. Get yourself a good watch e.g. Armani, Tag, etc. with a white or black face.
  6. Invest in a high end antique silver bracelet.

This holiday season skip the norm and investment in a good tux.  You will not only look good but you will find it a worthwhile long-term investment that will keep paying dividends in the many formal events down the road.

Happy Holidays from Mr. Gee.

Note:  If you need help picking out a good tux or a wardrobe analysis, please send us a message @ AskMrGee@gmail.com.  If you have not already done so, go to my fashion blog: AskMrGee.com and download a complimentary Mr. Gee’s 13 fashion Tips newsletter. Follow me on Twitter @ AskMrGee@ twitter.com for daily fashion tips.

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