Men’s Ab Shirt

This men’s reshaper is designed to give you a firm abdominal support and to reinforce the lower back. It protects the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue and stimulates muscular toning in your abdomen. This shirt can reduce the waist up to two sizes instantly and helps to give you a firm abdomen appearance.

The Men’s Ab shirt is made of medical grade quality fabric and lasts a long time in its original shape. It will not stretch. This inner garment will make your shirts and pants fit significantly better that you will not want to go without wearing one.
Men’s Abdomen Shirt
Pectoral Measure 30-33 34-37 38-40 41-44 45-48 49-52 53-56 57-60
Recommended Size 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL

It is available in white or black. If interested, email Mr. Gee through the contact form for one. The price is $75 per shirt.