The Return of the Ascot Tie

Cary Grant

Ashton Kutcher

The Ascot tie is back in fashion as evidenced by many celebrities forgoing the usual tie for an ascot.  Some of the most notable ones include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx and David Beckham.  I did a little research on the history about the ascot – it is quite interesting.  Here is a little history about it.  The ascot is a type of formal fashionable neckwear for men that originated in Ascot, a village near Windsor, Berkshire, Britain during the late 19th century.  It got its name from the fashionable annual horse race-meeting called “Royal Ascot” – an event that even to this point requires men to dress in traditional morning tail-coat and ascot tie. Besides this event, the ascot is occasionally chosen as a formal type of neckwear for weddings occurring during the day.

The look of the ascot tie resembles part modern necktie and part scarf or pashmina.  Ascots are usually much loser tied than traditional neckties, and secured with a tiepin that is commonly decorated with a pearl or round silver or gold ball. Traditionally, the ascot is associated with morning or daytime attire. In addition, it is matched with a type of tailcoat jacket called “Morning Coat”.

Today, however, wearing an ascot gives you that refined and distinguished look of a gentleman.  Always wear it with a nice crisp dress shirt with a high collar to invoke an elegant and civilized look.  It will give you a refreshing look in otherwise bland landscape of menswear.

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